When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood
by Philipp Schönthaler

Published February 24
Preorders will ship on February 24
Translated from German by Amanda DeMarco.
32 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-08-7
isbn: 978-3-944801-12-4

When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood‘s meticulous — even ruthless — listing of the physiological transformations a diver undergoes at certain depths provokes the realization that the depths of our own bodies and minds are just as mysterious…the reader becomes aware of the inaccessibility of their own, mercurial interiors.” —Flavorwire staff picks, August 2015

“Maybe I’m a philosophical person—the crucial question is: how deep can a person dive with a single breath?” Termann is a free diver. He’s come to the island, accompanied by journalists and his crew, in hopes of setting a record. The pressure mounts as the dive approaches, but Termann must remain calm. When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood delves into the psyche of a high-performance athlete as he pushes his body and mind to the limits of human ability.

Philipp Schönthaler was born in 1976 in Stuttgart. He studied English literature and art history in Vancouver and Brighton. In 2010 he completed his dissertation, Negative Poetics, at the University of Konstanz. He received the 2013 Clemens Brentano Prize for Life Opens Upward, the collection in which this story appears. His first novel, The Ship that Sails, Singing, on Its Course, was published in 2013.