The Wall, the City, and the World
by Eliot Weinberger

Published October 29
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32 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-26-1
isbn: 978-3-944801-29-2

Three texts straddle the line between essay and poetry as they examine the ways in which humanity builds civilizations—and tears them apart. “The Wall” presents a protocol of interactions along the Berlin Wall in the late 1960s. “The City” zooms out to examine the city as social unit. “The World” is dedicated to the myths that humanity creates to come to terms with itself. In their sweeping scope, the pieces illustrate Weinberger’s characteristic sincerity and intelligence.

Eliot Weinberger is an author whose books of literary essays include Karmic Traces, An Elemental Thing, and Oranges & Peanuts for Sale. His political articles are collected in What I Heard About Iraq and What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles. The author of a study of Chinese poetry translation, 19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei, he is the current translator of the poetry of Bei Dao, the editor of The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry, and the general editor of a series, Calligrams: Writings from and on China. Among his many translations of Latin American literature are The Poems of Octavio Paz and Jorge Luis Borges’ Selected Non-Fictions. His work has been translated into over thirty languages. In Germany, he appears frequently in Lettre International and his books are published by Suhrkamp and Berenberg Verlag. He lives in New York.