The Green Meadow, the Bright Light
by Marie Gamillscheg

32 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-46-9
isbn: 978-3-944801-50-6

Winner of the New German Fiction Contest 2016

The rhythms of life in a mountain village come alive, narrated by the “we” of its residents. Their collective hopes and disappointments rise in an effervescent, poetic chorus, grounded in landscape and a deeply felt sense of place. “We are the village,” the narrators proclaim, revealing that the spirit of any place is in the voice of its people.

The epub is included with the purchase of the paperback.

Cover by Pia Christmann & Ann RIchter, Studio Pandan.

Marie Gamillscheg studied German literature and languages in Graz and Lyon and East European Studies in Berlin. Her journalism has been published in Der Standard, Falter, SZ Magazin, and ZEIT Online and ZEIT Campus.