The Black Curve
by Rut Hillarp

Published 26 October
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Translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel.
64 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-41-4
isbn: 978-3-944801-45-2

The Black Curve is the story of a love affair. Through the radical representation of sexual fantasy, desire, and the foundations of love, Rut Hillarp explores monogamy and romantic love in a man’s world. Man (a conductor) and Woman (a writer) attract and repel each other, and their relationship swings between violence and tenderness, compulsion and deprivation. From these tensions, the idea of romance is born.

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Rut Hillarp (1914–2003) was one of Sweden’s great lyrical modernist writers, an “erotic genius” investigating dark love, power, submission, and the female subject. The Gothenburg Post called her “the grand old dame of the women’s movement” and her erotic experiments have been compared to Anaïs Nin’s. In addition to writing prose, she was a poet, a passionate diarist, a teacher, a photographer, and filmmaker. The Black Curve appeared in her first novel and the publication of this extract marks the introduction of one of the great Swedish modernists to the English-speaking world.

Saskia Vogel is a translator from Swedish and German. Her stories have appeared in The White Review, The Erotic Review and Zocalo Public Square. She is currently completing a novel with the working title I Am a Pornographer. She blogs at