Suburban Wonder: Wandering the Margins of Paris
by Francis Tabouret

Published 2 March
Preorders will ship on 2 March
Translated from French by Amanda DeMarco.
48 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-32-2
isbn: 978-3-944801-36-0

For reader’s of Perec’s “Species of Spaces” and Sinclair’s London Orbital

Suburban Wonder examines the ignored and undervalued edges of Paris. “Along the Tracks” is a journey along the RER B, a commuter train serving the northern suburbs near Charles de Gaulle Airport. Tabouret walks a sprawling landscape carved by transit lines—one whose existence is normally constrained to blurs seen from the express train. In “Nowhere,” he bicycles a ring road partially encircling Paris, encountering curiosities ranging from a Russian cemetery to Europe’s largest prison to an empty airport propaganda center. His wandering is a sympathetic meditation on the spaces that lie beyond the city walls of Paris.

The epub is included with the purchase of the paperback.

Francis Tabouret was born in 1980 in the south of France. After having practiced various professions, mainly involving horses and the circus, he took to writing. His travels often bring him across the world, as well as across the road, and he likes to write about the exceptional as well as the banal. His writings are published in the French magazine Le Tigre.