Picnic of the Virtues
by Felicitas Hoppe

Published February 24
Preorders will ship on February 24
Translated from German by Katy Derbyshire.
32 pages
isbn: 978-3-944801-09-4
isbn: 978-3-944801-13-1

These five darkly comic vignettes are absurd modern fairy-tales, full of Chaplinesque slapstick and ominous imagery. Their tragicomic heroes must navigate adolescence and family life, poverty and humiliation, love and ambition – and perhaps even emerge with their dignity. From her break-out debut collection, these wildly original pieces demonstrate why Felicitas Hoppe is counted among the greatest living German writers.

Felicitas Hoppe was born in 1960 in Hameln, Germany. She is the author of numerous books, including The Hairdresser’s Picnic, the collection in which these pieces appear. In 2012 she received the Georg Büchner Prize, Germany’s most prestigious literary award. Felicitas Hoppe has taught at universities in Germany and the United States. She lives as a writer in Berlin.

Katy Derbyshire is an award-winning London-born translator living in Berlin. She focuses on contemporary writers such as Clemens Meyer, Inka Parei, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Simon Urban, Helene Hegemann, Tilman Rammstedt, and Dorothee Elmiger. Katy writes about German books and writers at Love German Books and Going Dutch with German Writers.