by Malte Persson

Published October 15
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Translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel.
32 pages
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isbn: 978-3-944801-02-5
isbn: 978-3-944801-06-3

In shadowy Stockholm bars and apartments, a charismatic artist tracks down the cast and producers of a failed fantasy film. She seduces the “Sorrowful Prince,” lets the tech-savvy “Dwarf” bore her on the subject of linguistics, and muses on the “Witch Master’s” grisly fate. Her casually acerbic account of her interviews rambles over the tropes of genre literature and the problems of modern society: greed, narcissism, corruption. Fantasy is a sexy, troubling glimpse into the vacuum created when a fantasy collapses.

Malte Persson , born 1976 in Gothenburg, Sweden, is among the most significant authors of his generation. He works as an author, critic, and translator. His debut novel, Life on This Planet, appeared in 2002. His second novel, Edelcrantz, was nominated for the prestigious August Prize. He has published three volumes of poetry, including the critically acclaimed Underworld, a sonnet cycle about the Stockholm subway. He has won a number of awards, both for his work as an author and as a critic, including the Gothenburg Post’s 2011 prize for literature, whose jury praised him for “authorship that demonstrates the playfulness of a trickster, and elegant craftsmanship that reveals new worlds between earth, moon, and underworld.” His most recent work is the children’s book The Journey to the World’s Most Dangerous Country. After living for many years in Stockholm, Persson now makes his home in Berlin.

Saskia Vogel is a translator from Swedish and German. Her stories have appeared in The White Review, The Erotic Review and Zocalo Public Square. She is currently completing a novel with the working title I Am a Pornographer. She blogs at