About Readux Books

Readux Books will individually publish short works of (mostly) translated literature. Based in Berlin, our location is in the heart of European literary life, which is one of our great strengths. Three times yearly, we will release four teeny books (small format, 32–64 pp.), a bit like a magazine. The first set was published in the middle of October 2013. The books are now available in print and electronically.

Translations from German play an important and continuing role in our program, because of our special ties to Berlin and to German literature. In partnership with the Swedish publisher Novellix, whose format is the inspiration for our own, we’ve published English translations from Swedish in our first year. We look forward to many fruitful collaborations with Novellix in the future.

Our goal at Readux is to offer a variety of engaging stories and essays. We’re investing in design, and our books are beautiful little objects that you want to own. They’re also affordable: about the same amount you’d pay for a fancy cup of coffee.

If you have a strong passion for German literature, please check out the contest New German Fiction! This unique project seeks submissions from German writers age 30 and under, and will be judged by people of their own generation—their peers! Two winning entries will be published in German by the literary magazine Edit, and in English by Readux Books. The winners will also attend German and English-language events in Leipzig and Berlin in the summer and fall of 2014.

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