Hannes Bajohr
The Black Curve
Rut Hillarp
Cape Canaveral
Grégoire Bouillier
Grow a Pair
Joanna Walsh
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Readux Books individually publishes short works of literature,
in translation and as English originals.
"Ambition aside, everything about Readux Books is small-scale...These are serious books: attentive, cerebral and bold."—The TLS, October 2015



  • Readux author Judith Keller reads in Berlin Saturday: Feste Feiern. Exzess und Ritual in der Gegenwartsliteratur https://t.co/OlQaLl376a
  • Mix 'n' match any four Readux Books for a mere $14.99! https://t.co/0YqsNPZLXC (#^.^#)
  • "powerful, tender, playful and poignant": an excerpt from Hannes Bajohr's Timidities at The Quietus https://t.co/G9c6uPZ0wq